Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We Love New Orleans!!!!

Well, finally we made it back to New Orleans for a whole day. We had a great time! We left the campground around 9 am and didn't return home until 7pm. We took the Ferry over again. It drops you off by the Riverwalk Mall.

Al, being the kid he is just had to ride the streetcar. We decided to get an all day pass ($5) and that way we could get on and off the streetcar as many times as you wish. It is not only intended as a tourist thing, it is also the main transportation for many people who live in N.O. to get back and forth from work and school. Since there can be a lot of walking involved, it was a big help in getting from point A to point B. We still did a lot of walking as the Streetcars only ride along the perimiter of the French Quarter. We thought it was pretty cute when the driver announced at one stop, "Cafe Du Monde". I guess he knows where most people go when they get off that stop. LOL

We visited the St. Louis Cathederal pictured above. It is so beautiful and hard to imagine anyone building anything like that today. We took a horse and buggy ride and it was very enjoyable. We got a lot of history of the French Quarter. Actually though, it was a mule not a horse as the city only allows them to use mules. There were several different vendors offering you rides, so we had a chance to pick who we wanted. We were told at a tourist center to bargin with them for the price, but we didn't think $12 each was bad so we didn't bother.

We had lunch at a place that was recommended by a few different people called "The Gumbo Shop." Al loves cajun food which is surpising since he is usually doesn't like spicy food. Anyway, he likes gumbo and since they were rated no. 1 for their Gumbo, this is where we went. The food was very good there.

After lunch we decided to go out to the Garden district where there are beautiful homes and gardens. We took the streetcar that goes out that way. It was about 1 & 1/2 hrs. out there and back. More of the people going out that way appeared to be locals rather than tourists. There were even school kids riding it. I think I would be nervous, it they were my grandkids. Some of these kids were young.

I suppose many of the tourists would take these expensive tours to go out there, but My Al, just loved the streetcar, and for him this was far better than any tour we could have taken. At one point we sat up front so he could watch the driver and see how everything worked. At the end of the day, he even thanked me for letting him ride the streetcar. I guess he's just a kid at heart!

I could go on and on, but it is just a city that is so alive! You feel energized just being there. Anything goes, and nothing surprises you. We saw a man dressed up like a cowboy, and painted with silver paint from head to toe. Musicians were performing on the streets everywhere you go. I am told if you go there in the evening there is much more to see.

Before taking streetcar back to the ferry, we had to stop at "Cafe du Monde" for one more visit! Then we hopped on a streetcar that took us back toward the Ferry.

We are planning on going back with our truck and driving through the 9th ward which was hit the heaviest when the levy's broke. This is where Brad Pitt and others are helping to rebuild.

Thursday am we leave here and are heading toward Texas.


  1. Oh Nita, sorry I didn't get to you earlier. Did you know that right near where you board the ferry is the place that they make all the floats and costumes for the Mardi Gras? It costs a few bucks to go thru it but is so interesting. They make things for parades all over the world. Another place real close is "The House of the Rising Sun" that the song is all about. Interesting.


  2. Thanks Helen for the info. We hope to return here in a year or two, so they will definately be on our list of things to do. We don't worry about seeing everything in one visit and like having something else to see or do on a return visit. Al says if he could keep up with you two, we could go here together sometime!!!