Saturday, October 30, 2010

On the Road Again-Clarksville, VA

View of Lake from our campsite
Pretty little town of Clarksville getting ready for Halloween

I'm sure the kids will enjoy these clowns. These two ladies are really getting into the spirit.

Merchants in Town are all dressed up for the little trick or treaters who came to town on Friday night.

These adorable little ones are checking out their treats. I'm sure they have already decided this holiday is a keeper!

This is a local insurance company. This gentleman says it is his second year living in Clarksville and he really enjoys this tradition.

These shop owners are dressed for the season, though not in costume. The little pumpkin boy makes up for their lack of costumes, don't you think!!

I got a big laugh out of this one. This lady has her treats in a trash barrel. When we came back a little later, she was giving out the treats to the little kids.

So, here is is my first blog on this year's journey
Al and I started out on our trip on Tuesday, October 26. We decided with all the work involved in shutting down the house and packing up the Montana, that we needed to just chill for a few days. So we are here in a Corp of Engineer Park, on Longwood Lake. It is one of many parks located on the John H.Kerr Reservoir, a 50,000 acre lake which extends up the Roanoke River. The Lake is located partly in Virginia and partly in North Carolina.

So we are chillin and getting our little house in order for the long winter. Everything got packed in and needs to be rearranged a little. Yesterday we took a trip to Durham, NC and stopped at a Best Buy. Al decided I needed a Kindle electronic book reader, normally sold on Amazon, but now can be purchased at Best Buy. I had a bunch of books I hadn't read and forgot to bring, so since I had been thinking of getting one anyway, we decided to go for it.

The campground here is really nothing to brag about except it is only $10 per night for us. It does have water and electric and is overlooking the lake, but is very woodsy and rustic. Actually, though, it is just what we need for now. We have gotten very spoiled since we've had the RV and it's just nice sometimes to be in a more natural environment. This afternoon I plan to start reading my Kindle book, but decided I can't until this blog is updated.

Clarksville is an adorable little town here. I wasn't expecting much when we first went into town, but was very surprised at how charming it is. Population is less than 2000 here. We found out the stores were planning a special night for the little trick or treaters downtown. All the merchants get dressed up as well and give out candy. We stopped by and got some pictures mostly of the shops and shop owners. We got there early and the kids were just starting to get there.

Headed for Myrtle Beach on Monday!