Friday, November 13, 2009

Chillin in New Orleans

Well, we haven't been back to the Big Easy yet as we have been hanging out here in this beautiful place and taking in the great sunny weather. We plan to be here for at least another 5 or 6 days and would like to spend one whole day in New Orleans taking in the French Quarter.

One reason we haven't been back yet, is because we have had a problem with our hot water heater. Al has figured out the problem and needs to order a part. We do still have hot water, it just doesn't work on gas, and we can only use it on electric. So, we got a late start again today and decided to go another day. I don't really want to go Saturday or Sunday either, as we don't like crowds. Are you starting to get the impression we are not tourists?! Well, actually we don't feel like we are. We are just making ourselves at home wherever we go. Yesterday, we went to Sam's Club and WalMarts. It seems like they are nearby wherever you go. We stocked up on things we needed and had to be creative as to where to put everything. It can be a challenge. Anyway our cupboards and fridge are now well stocked.

When we leave here, we plan to head toward San Angelo, TX where my son, Doug and his family live. We wanted to be there by early December to see the kids in their Nutcracker performances and that is the weekend after Thanksgiving. So, we figured it might be a good idea to go a little early and we can all be together for Thanksgiving.

Back home in NY, our grandson, Will has been in Albany Medical Center with a bacterial infection. It is hard being away when things like this happen. I spoke to Sam tonight and it looks like they caught it early and he is doing much better. Hopefully, he will be able to go home in a day or 2.

I'll report back when we finally get back to seeing the sites in New Orleans.

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  1. Oh you'll be here for Thanksgiving?! That means Emma can have Grandma's Secret Recipe Cranberry Sauce! She'll be thrilled. And she'll get to see her Personal Armchair sooner!