Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dodging A Hurricane

Because we have wheels on our house, we decided we would get out of Dodge for a few days! Due to all the warnings on TV regarding Hurricane Ida, and the warnings for widespread flooding, we decided New Orleans could wait a few more days. It may turn out to be of little consequence, but who needs to take the risk. So we traveled north to a place that is 80 miles north of New Orleans.

We were looking in our Passport America book(1/2 price camping) and a place was listed off Exit 61 of Interstate 55. It had an interesting name, but we decided to check it out anyway as it was only 2 miles off the highway and our discounted price was only $10. The name of the place was "The Garden Prayer Center and Campground". When we arrived, it looked to be deserted and I felt like it was a little spooky. We did see a couple of run-down trailers and one had a truck out front. We rode by and a guy came out and talked to us. He had a little bity trailer and through the door I could see a huge TV screen. He told us to just go ahead and pick a site. As you come in there is a locked box, so put your money in there, as it is the honor system. He said they only get a couple of campers at a time this time of year. After some discussion, we decided the campsites were more than adequate for our needs, a place to hang out for a couple of days, when the weather isn't good. Later, after we parked the guy came by and chatted with us. He says the campground is owned by a church and they use it for Church functions and rent it out to other groups as well. They also rent out sites to RVer's who are just driving through. I guess he helps keep up the grounds for them as he was driving a tractor mower when he came by.

Since we have a sewer connection at this place, I'll be able to catch up on laundry while here! Now, doesn't that sound exciting?! Well, anyway, it sure beats having to go to work tomorrow!!


  1. I'm so glad you you took advantage of your rolling home and moved out of harms way Nita.. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Should be some strong winds with this storm so batten down the hatches and stay safe. We will do the same in Florida. Even away from the hurricane, the winds can topple a lot of trees and branches that can play hovic with RV's.

  2. Thanks Helen, that is some sound advise! So far, so good here. Of course it's early yet. We'll have to see what the next 24 hrs. does. Looks like it's headed more toward Florida, so be safe!!!