Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gulf Coast Still Rebuilding

We took a ride along the beach driving from Ocean Springs, Mississippi through Biloxi, and to Gulfport, MS. We were very shocked at what we saw here. After four years, Hurricane Katrina has still left its mark. Vacant lot after vacant lot where homes once stood. Many buildings were still standing but totally destroyed. Where there were buildings, most seemed to be brand new.
It is hard to imagine how hard it must have been here right after the storm for the residents and the business owners. We took many pictures, but after a while, I just gave up, as it was all the same. You either saw missing buildings, destroyed ones or brand new!

We saw a firehouse that was destroyed, but still standing and we were shocked to see that there were a couple of firetrucks and other equipment parked inside. It appears they are still using the building to store their equipment. There was a trailer in front, which I am sure they were operating from.

There were workers still rebuilding and the people seemed to be going along and doing their thing like nothing happened. The beaches and the ocean is still beautiful as you drive along. It struck us that those of us from the Northeast are lucky to only have to put up with the snow, ice and the cold. I never could have imagined that it would still be this bad here. Al said he doesn't think it will ever get back to the way it was. It will take decades before things are more normal.

The first picture shows a newer building and if you look closely, you will see a wood carving. There were several of these scattered around. Trees destroyed by the hurricane, but still standing, were carved into interesting shapes and designs by a very talented artist.

I guess a dose of reality is good once in awhile. We are planning on going to New Orleans soon. I don't think I will want to venture out to the areas that still have devestation. I can imagine it must be even worse there.
In spite of this, we have been having a great time, the people here are friendly and the weather has been warm and sunny!

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