Friday, November 20, 2009

Kerrville-Schreiner Park, Kerrville, TX

We left New Orleans area on Thursday. We spent last night in Baytown, TX in an RV Spot at a Cracker Barrell Restaurant. After having dinner there, we asked the manager if we could stay in their lot overnight. It was very well lit and had security cameras. We slept good until about 5am, when their dumpsters were then unloaded. We couldn't get back to sleep, so we decided to get up and stopped for breakfast at one of Al's new favorites, Waffle-House. It seemed good to get an early start. as we knew Houston would be really bad at rush hour. It was worse than anticipated because of heavy rain, plus the freeway was closed due to an accident so we were forced onto another route. Luckily we had the GPS, which I don't use all the time, because Al doesn't like that Lady. He says she overexplains everything, and he doesn't like her voice. We got the idea to nickname her from some friends of ours. He decided to name her May B. because she may be right or she may be wrong. Sometimes you need to have a sense of humor, especially when traveling. Luckily, today she was right-on, and she took us right where we needed to go and back onto Route 10. Thanks, May!

It is slightly more stressful when you are pulling that 38' beast down the highway, and no one wants you in front of them. At one point we were almost hit by an eighteen-wheeler. Another truck driver cut him off and he started into our lane, and we had no where to go. Luckily, he acted quickly and an accident was avoided, whew! Finally, around 8am after going through the worst driving conditions, we stopped in a Supermarket parking lot to take a rest. We both decided a nap was in order and we slept for over an hour. That is one big advantage of taking our house with us!

We found a nice RV park owned by the city of Kerrville. They charge reasonable rates, and have pull through sites with all utilities. We are planning on staying here until Sunday and will then head to San Angelo, TX to visit my son, Doug and his family. We plan to be there until after Christmas. It will be really nice seeing them as it's been a long time. I'm sure the kids have gotten taller since we last saw them! I can't wait!!!


  1. You do know that you can change the voices on those GPS gadgets... but I kind of like May B. See you soon!

  2. Yes, I know you usually can, but ours is a cheap one. It is very basic. I tried, but I don't think you can on this one. Actually she is almost always right-on and gets us wherever we need to go, she just doesn't seem to know we are over 13' tall and can't always take her shorcuts due to low bridges,etc. Sometimes if we don't do what she says, she tells us to make a u-turn, now that's not easy! LOL

  3. GPS, I cannot tell you what ours is nicknamed, but it starts with a "B". LOL Yesterday we were on a road that does not exist?? ohhhh, yes it does, if you get to the correct magnification. Cannot live with em or without em. May is a great name.

    LOVED Kerrville, ENJOY!!!

  4. Carol,
    Ours told us to do a U-Turn to go to a State Park we were already in!? It also took us down a dirt one-lane road in Louisiana that a car could barely fit on let alone an RV. We did manage to turn around and get out. You are right, once you have one, you do tend to depend on it and it can be a lifesaver at times.

  5. Wow, guys! I didn't know how far along you were or that you would be to Doug & Deja's for Thanksgiving! I'm very happy to know that you'll be with family for Thanksgiving and not eating all alone at some roadside diner. :(
    Drive safe. Hug all those Armstrong's for us. And we'll see you in a month or so for a Texas Christmas! Yahoo!
    Love you,
    Angie & family

  6. I'm enjoying your posts tremendously!