Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bayou Segnette State Park, Near New Orleans

We arrived at this campground yesterday. Hurricane Ida turned into a tropical storm, so we decided it was finally safe to travel . This is a really nice state park and campground. Plus it's close to everything. The campsites are large and can acommodate large rigs. Notice the trees in the picture that I took just outside our patio. All the roots are showing. I had never seen this before. Most in the park seem to be this way. We were told that this park also suffered a great deal of damage from Katrina and many trees were lost here as well.

We were advised to take the Algier's Ferry into New Orleans instead of driving there. It is free to ride the ferry and it drops you off in the French Quarter. We decided to just go for a couple of hours today, as we got a late start. We drove to the ferry, and it was only a five minute boat ride over to New Orleans. We decided to go to the famous Cafe Du Monde in try their coffee and beignets! They were wonderful and now Al insists on going back there again tomorrow. Cafe Du Monde is the original coffee shop in New Orleans and has been opened since 1862. Many people told us we must go there and we are glad we listened to them.

Tomorrow we plan to do a little more touring. We didn't see that much today, but we sure did do a lot of walking. I'll post again in a couple of days when we have spent more time in New Orleans.


  1. I think those might be cypress trees? San Antonio has a bunch of those along the Riverwalk. You'll have fun traipsing around N.O.

  2. I cam't believe how much my great neices and nephews have grown!! Wish I was there to give them all a big hug. I sure do miss them a REAL lot!!! You two must be having a fantastic time. This is posting on your New Orleans site, but I like Texas a lot more. For more reasons than one. LOL
    I bet you won't want to leave Texas. Well, tell Doug, Deja, and all those adorable kids that we love and miss them all tons. Love, Aunt Colleen and Uncle Bob