Friday, February 25, 2011

Old Town San Diego-Trolley Tour

We had a great time in San Diego and only wish we could have stayed longer. On our last day there, we met up with some friends from the Montana Club, Coleen and Ray. We had a great time touring the area. Since Coleen used to live in San Diego many years ago, that was an added bonus. It was a fairly nice day even though it had been raining the day before, and there were forecasts of more rain over the next few days. We were happy to spend time with our friends, and we were able to get a nice tour of the city and now have some ideas of where to go on our next visit. The San Diego Zoo is on the top of that list. We took the trolley ride which last about 2 hours if you don't get off and on. So, since we didn't start until around 12:30 pm, we decided to stay on it and only get off at a couple of locations. The tour guide pointed out places of interest on the trip, and we will probably just drive to the various locations next time we go there.

View of Bay from the San Diego/Coronado Bay Bridge

Another view of the bay and the city

This is the famous Hotel Del Coronado. This is the view from the street side.

There are many museums in this city. This one is "The History of Man"

This is another view from the trolley on the bridge.

We stopped at a Mexican Restaurant in Old Town. We were surprised that we were the only people eating there. It made us a little nervous, but the waiter told us this is their slow time. I don't remember the name of the place, but the food was excellent!

We started our tour in Old Town State Historic Park. Old Town San Diego is considered the " birthplace" of California. In 1968 the State of California purchased this property to preserve it's rich heritage that was considered San Diego from the 1821 to 1872 era. While waiting to meet up with Coleen and Ray, we were able to walk through the town and try to capture it with our camera. All is a short distance. You had your choice of unique shops, historical buildings, and restaurants. This is also where we started the trolley tour, so we also ended our day here and stopped for a fabulous meal at the Mexican Restaurant.

This is the General Store in Old Town

Another building in Old Town

We didn't have time to go into all the stores, but I think they still sell boots here.

We liked this flowered bush. Not really sure what it is called.

Grocery store

I heard this is a good place to eat!

Lots of little stores and shops in Old Town.


  1. Bush, butterfly bush??? Just guessing. Sorry we did not do San Diego. Rats. Looks fab!!!

  2. Carol, I was just too lazy to research it! I'm sure you understand. That might be a good guess!