Friday, March 4, 2011

Yuma, Arizona

Our main purpose for coming to Yuma was to attend the Passport America Rally held here a couple of weeks ago. The Rally was ok, but not really our type of thing. We had a good enough time though, in spite of the fact that it lacked in organization. The food wasn't great either, but the music was excellent.

There were three different bands playing here at the Yuma County fairgrounds where the rally was held. This is a local band called "Slick Nickel." All of them were excellent and mostly Country music was played.

One night for dinner we were served Cowboy burgers (hamburgers) and giant onion rings. Now, these onion rings were pretty good!!

After the rally, we decided to check out an area we heard about where we could boondock. We are only about 10 miles out of town in an area called Yuma Lakes. It is more of a pond than a lake, but is very nice here.

On our way back and forth to town, we pass by these cute sheep.

Lots and lots of palm trees around here.

We visited the Arizona Marketplace with our friends, Carol and Al from the Montana group. This is a flea market that is opened only Thursday through Sundays. It is huge! We didn't buy much, but did find a few things at a good price.

The two Al's checking out what I call "man toys"!!!

We met up with another couple from our Montana Owner's group, Dick and Jackie. They suggested we go to Lutes Casino in Old Town Yuma. They hadn't been there, but they had heard about it from friends who live in the area. It was a crazy kinda place (a must see kinda place) with all kinds of paraphernalia hanging off the ceiling and the walls. We had a really nice time visiting with them and a really nice lunch. We walked around the town together and checked out a couple of the stores there.

This is the building, Lutes Casino. It really isn't a Casino anymore, just a fun place to go and eat and hang out.

More of Old Town Yuma.

I guess you could say that Old Town Yuma has some modern features. Nicely landscape round-about.

Al insisted on taking this picture of me. It reminded him of Martha's Ice Cream back home! They also have a giant Chicken out in front of the place.

It had been a while since I updated the blog, but we are enjoying it here in Yuma, AZ. The weather has been fantastic. The sun shines everyday and it has been in the 70's and 80's. We decided to hang out here a while longer, as we really haven't checked out the area much, plus we really like it here. Later!

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  1. Was wondering if you were still there. We did Lutes too, today's blog. LOL