Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Public beach in Lake Havasu City.

We have spent the past few days in Lake Havasu City in Arizona. Lake Havasu City is a very popular place for tourists, as it is home of the famous London Bridge. The London Bridge in London, England that was built in 1831 was dismantled in 1967 and put up for sale. Robert P. McCullough bought it and brought it over here. He was the founder of Lake Havasu City and he developed the area as a planned retirement and vacation community. He felt that this bridge would help Lake Havasu City become a tourist attraction. Well, it worked because as a tourist attraction, it is the second most visited place in Arizona. The first is The Grand Canyon.

The palm trees are so pretty here and all over Arizona. I like it when there are a cluster of them and this park had many.

To the right, you are looking at the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City.

There are pathways along the lake on either side. Also shops and restaurants. All are designed to give a good view of the bridge from different locations.

Lots of boats were seen going under the bridge. This guy in center has his own mode of transportation.

We walked under the bridge to the other side to get a different view.

We are now driving over the bridge. Notice there are people walking on the sidewalks on either side of the bridge.

We are camping in an area just outside of town on BLM land. Boondocking has been lots of fun for us and a money saver as well. We enjoy that we are out in the country, yet we are very close to stores. In fact Walmart and Home Deport are just 2 miles away. We have been getting good TV reception as well as Internet and cell service.

Just outside our campsite, we are surrounded by mountains and some interesting rock formations. Al swears this is a face in the rocks. Can you see it?

For a few nights in a row, we enjoyed a full moon outside our site. Last night, however we were clouded over so were unable to see it until later at night when it was very high in sky. This picture was taken the night before. Still really nice I think.

Our campsite at dark. Not too dark to see us though, as the moon is full.

We enjoyed our stay here in Lake Havasu City. We are on the road again and headed for the Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Boulder City, Nevada. We will be very close to the Hoover Dam and Las Vegas. Our time here will be short and we are hoping to see both. However, the Hoover Dam has top priority. We will then be headed in a Northern-Easterly direction, and are hoping to be home by the end of April. We have some interesting places we plan to visit on our way home, so please check back with us.

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