Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Hoover Dam

We visited the Hoover Dam a couple of times while in Boulder City, once during the day and also in the evening. We were able to see it from several different areas. We were so amazed at the beauty of it and in awe of the accomplishment achieved when this was built, especially considering it was long before we had computers and all the fancy equipment available today.
Here we are looking down at the Colorado River with the new bridge shown above. These are turbine units on bottom of picture.

I thought this was a great picture taken from a higher level.

Lake Mead looking out from the dam. The white on the rocks show how high the water used to be until about 11 years ago. It is down about 135 feet.

That's Al above

Another view of the Colorado River and the new bridge.

Below are some pictures taken in evening. I loved the effect with the lights.

Another picture of the bridge taken in the evening.

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