Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Visiting Andres and Family in Bakersfield

Andres and his lovely wife, Masha.

This pretty girl is 9 year old Natasha here with her dad.

We had a great time getting to know Natasha and we hit it off with her right away!

Andrew 3 and his dad stopped by our campsite to see us and check out our accomodations. He felt right at home and liked our little house. Isn't he adorable?!

We had a nice visit with Andres and Andrew at the campsite.

Our last night here and Andres cooked some yummy steaks out on his grill. Nice setup! I wouldn't mind having this outside cooking space.

Yummy steaks and pork chops.

This is Masha's mom, Natalia and sister, Malia, who were visiting from Russia. I think Masha was tucking the kids in for the night when this shot was taken.

Whenever we went there, we were always served Russian tea, and lots of good treats. It is a Russian tradition to treat their company royally. This is Natalia with 2 different teas she mixes together in your cup. Very delicious. Andres is standing by ready to cut the cheesecake.

We left Bakersfield today and are now in San Diego for a few days. We really enjoyed visiting Andres, Masha and their 2 children, Natasha and Andrew. Also, Masha's mom, Natalia and sister, Malia were visiting from Russsia. They had arrived a couple of weeks earlier and were spending a month with them. We were so happy to meet them both also.

On our last night in Bakersfield, we were invited over for a lovely dinner. We had a wonderful time, and it was sad saying goodbye to everyone. Hopefully, we will go back again sometime before too many years go by. Andres and Masha both said they would like to come visit us in New York sometime and we hope they do.

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  1. Hey Mom, thanks for the pictures. And thanks for the message on FB! It's good to see pics of Andreas and family. Happy trails!