Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mission Bay RV Resort, San Diego, CA

View across the Bay from our RV park

Looking down at the row of campers from our campsite. This RV park was in a great location of San Diego, close to everything. Also great because it was right on the bay. We didn't like the fact, however, that it was completely black-topped, also we were very close to the people in back of us.

I took a really nice walk (at least a mile) along this path that was adjacent to the RV park. It went all along the bay. Unfortunately the sun wasn't shining too much, so the pictures aren't the greatest. There were lots of nice homes, not lavish ones, but nice enough for my liking.

This is one of the nicer homes along the path. They all face the water.

Many people had flowers planted. Can you see all the houses across the water? Lots of houses built into a hill. This seems to be very typical of San Diego.

I liked the rustic appearance of this home. It looked so inviting.

Aren't these little guys cute!

I stopped to talk to this friendly couple named Tony and Janice. They informed me they were newly weds. She is originally from Buffalo, NY but has lived in California for many many years now. He is from Las Vegas, NV. They were so friendly and gave me a history of the area. They told me the City or County (not sure which) owns the property these houses were built on, and wants to take back the property. Not sure what that means for the homeowners, but I guess they are protesting it.

We had a very brief stay in San Diego. We needed to be in Yuma by Sunday in order to attend a Passport America Rally I had signed us up for and paid for. We were staying at this Passport America RV Park in San Diego for 1/2 price, but it was only good for 3 days, then the price would go up to $50 per day. This was a little too much for us considering rain was predicted for the next couple of days anyway. It was supposed to rain all day on Friday. So, on Friday morning we packed up and moved near Yuma for the weekend. I really wanted to spend a day at the San Diego zoo, but this wouldn't have been a pleasant experience in the rain. The zoo will have to wait until our next visit. I'm told it rarely rains there and the weather is usually in the 70's year round. Wouldn't you know, we picked the wrong 3 days in the year to go there.

On Thursday, we met up with some friends from the Montana Club. We took a trolley tour of San Diego with them. We had a great time, and that will be my next post.


  1. I so wanted to go to San Diego, but, alas for us, not to be this year. Looks great!!!

  2. Carol, It is such a nice place and the weather is almost always good. We just had bad luck with the weather. I've heard such great things about the zoo, I can't wait to go back!

  3. Nita, where in Yuma are you? And how long will you be there? We're at Pilot Knob, just across the border from Yuma. Jackie

  4. Can't imagine having fun at the zoo in the rain. I've heard it's a great place. Dad & Maureen went several years ago and took lots of panda pictures for Emma. Maybe next year, or whenever you plan to go, you could stop by here and pick up 1 or 5 kids to take along with you. They'd love the zoo! And they wouldn't mind sleeping on the floor ;-)