Monday, February 7, 2011

Visit to Joshua Tree National Park

Since we were camped just outside of Joshua National Park on BLM land, we didn't want to miss checking out this park. Our time here was short, only 4 days, so we packed a lunch and spent 1 whole day in the park. We drove through almost all of it, but there were some dirt roads, off the main one, that we are saving for our next visit. This park is beautiful. It is known for the Joshua Tree as there are many of them throughout the park. It is also known for it's huge rock formations, and many different plants and wildlife. We really enjoyed our time here. We had perfect weather and beautiful scenery. We had beautiful sunsets, and sunrises (I was only up early enough to see one). At night the sky was sparkling with stars. Having never traveled this far west before, we were amazed at the mountains all around us. Many were capped with snow, while we were enjoying 70 degree days with lots of sunshine.

One of many beautiful rock formations and a few Joshua Trees

I really liked this photo. Took this in one of the many campgrounds throughout the park. Love the small opening at the bottom of the rock. Kinda reminds me of an outdoor fireplace.

We are driving on the park road. Hard to capture in a picture how pretty the mountains are here.

As you can see, the rocks all vary in size and texture. I thought these were very interesting.


If you look closely, you will see a picnic table. This is a campsite. I would guess for a tent only.

The cholla cactus is one of the many plants in the park. You do not want to come into contact with this one. As is says in this sign, even the slightest touch can cause the cactus spines to penetrate your skin and removal is not only difficult but very painful.

Here is a picture of the menacing cholla cactus. You can walk though the path, but would not be smart to wander off it. The fence and rocks provide a nice barrier.

Part of the San Andreas Fault Zone is located in this park. If you notice the red line running left to right near the bottom this is the location of the fault. Sign says that if you stood in the same spot one year from now, you would likely be 2 inches further southeast than you are today. In six years, 1 foot and in 60 years, 10 feet. Pretty amazing!

Al took this photo. You can tell where the Fault line is by looking at the sign above.


  1. My photos are still on the camera, we did the upper half of the park. Not sure if we will get to the other half or not. The rocks are fascinating and HUGE, aren't they??

  2. Carol, The part near where we were camping wasn't quite as spectacular, in my opinion! Also, it seemed like going through it all (took about 6 hrs with stops) did prevent some back-tracking. Loved all of it! Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the Salton Sea.

  3. Always leave something for "next time" is our motto! Great pics--glad you are having a good time.

  4. Beautiful! The pictures are amazing!
    I especially like the outdoor fireplace comment :)

  5. Joshua Tree National Park has plenty of desert plant and animal life in it.

  6. I camped many a time in that beautiful park, back in my young hobo days :). Thanks for the memories.

  7. I grew up in that park and am very thankful that you were able to see and appreciate it wonderous beauty!!!! Thank you for the pictures