Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wildflowers of Rockport Cemetery

We are back at Goose Island near Rockport, TX for about a week before we start our trek toward home. My friend, Julie had mentioned in an e-mail to me about the pictures she took of wildflowers at the local cemetery here. Then another friend, Helen had posted some pictures of them on her blog, so I just had to go see for myself and take my own pictures. We were headed out for Pizza with Wayne and Julie, so we all decided to stop there on the way.

Every year during the wildflower season, the cemetery here doesn't get mowed until the flowers are gone. People come from all over to see the spectacular site. It is so beautiful as the whole place is just covered with flowers and the headstones are just peaking through.
Of course, the blue bonnets are also in bloom (blue bonnets are the state flower). We saw lots of pretty wildflowers on the highways as well on our way here from San Angelo. As most of you know, Lady Bird Johnson was largely responsible for all the beautiful wildflowers grown on medians and along highways throughout our country.


  1. Oh, so pretty! I can't wait for the bluebonnets to start blooming up here! Have a great week before your trek back North.

  2. OK, Carol officially jealous! Great job Nita, the photos are FAB!!!

  3. Makes you wonder how they see the tombstones!

  4. At least you know you'll never be overlooked or forgotten when your headstone gets decorated like this by mother nature herself! Just beautiful!

  5. I have a great aunt buried in a Rockport cemetery, and maybe other family members. Where is this cemetery actually located. I can see a road/hwy behind it in a few shots you've taken.
    SAndra Cutrer

  6. In Rockport, TX. The best directions I can give you is off Hwy 35 across from DQ and What-A-Burger is a street that takes you to it. Follow the signs. Also, if you google it, you might get more information. The name of the cemetery is "Rockport Cemetery". Good luck.