Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This and That & Heading North

Love these bikes to tour the area. Some of them carry more than just two people.
Several of these Gazebo's throughout the shore area

Sunbather's enjoying the beautiful day on the beach

Kids skateboarding in a nearby park

Lots of places to sit and relax and enjoy the water

This is the restaurant in Port Aransas where we had lunch the other day with Wayne and Julie. The place didn't look to inviting, but the food was wonderful.

I think Julie is checking out the place and wondering if we should go in or not!

We went to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge one day and sadly after spending a few hours here, we only saw a snake and a deer. We did, of course see some birds far away. We have seen more wildlife right at Goose Island. We could have seen the alligators but we weren't that interested since we had seen some at Brazzo's Bend last month. We were very dissapointed.

This peacock belongs to someone who lives on Goose Island. We are always driving by and seeing it out in the yard. We didn't get to see him with his feathers displayed, but I think he looks beautiful anyway.

Tomorrow we leave here and are hoping to be on the road by early afternoon. First we are going to a place in Corpus Christi to get tires for our 5th Wheel. Al noticed some excessive wear on one of the back tires and feels there is a possibility that we may need to find out the reason before putting on new tires. So we made an appointment with a garage that specialized in Trucks, trailers, buses, etc. They also sell tires, so we hope to get 4 new ones for our trip home. It's always best to be careful when it comes to safety issues.

We've been having a good time here. We toured around some and checked out areas we hadn't been to when we were last here. We rode along the shoreline in Corpus Christi one day. Lots of people were out enjoying the beautiful weather. We went out to lunch one day with Wayne and Julie and out to dinner with them tonight. Of course, Al needed to go to Dairy Queen for dessert afterwards, and no one seemed to object. We always have so much fun with this couple, that we sure are going to miss them. We said our goodbyes tonight, because we will be leaving here early in the morning.
We will be taking our time going home and plan to stop in Roanoke, VA to see family there. We plan to make a few other stops on our way home as well. Now that we are heading toward home, I am getting pretty anxious to get there and see everyone we have missed for the last several months. Of course, the grandchildren are on the top of that list, and especially one we haven't even met yet. And I miss our place there, so going home is a really good thing!


  1. We had a great time with you both too and will miss you sorely. However Al has been a bad influence on us with his trips to Dairy Queen! How will we ever kick the habit?
    I will continue following your blog until we meet again. Love the pictures of the sea shore in Corpus.
    Love you both

  2. You two have a safe trip home. We are starting the packing up frenzy, will be heading out soon as well. Wave and blink twice if you see a Tana headed north.

  3. I thought some of those pictures might have been from Corpus! Hope you get the tire mystery solved. Have a great trip HOME!

  4. Carol and Al, Thank you and safe travels to you as well! Hope things go well for you at home. At least it's nice to know we will be headed for nice weather at home!