Thursday, April 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home

It really seems great being home. We had a wonderful journey for the last 6 months, but for me especially, I was very anxious to get home and see our family here. I'm also just enjoying our home. The first day, I walked from room to room just to take it all in. I guess that's because I've been living in such a small space that this place seems huge to me. Our home isn't large, it's rather small, but after being in our RV for so long, it seems huge to me.

We now have our 5th wheel in the driveway, and it just fits with no room for our vehicles. We are allowed to have it here for a few days until we get it unloaded, then we move it to a lot here to store it. Unfortunately, Al twisted his knee on our trip home and has been unable to do much since we arrived home. We have lots to do right now, but he can't do too much. I have been bringing things in from the camper little by little, doing laundry and grocery shopping. Our yard is full of pine needles and leaves which normally he would have taken care of by now. It's very frustrating to him as he likes to do these things himself. Hopefully this weekend some of our family will be coming and I'm sure will pitch in and help. As much as I hate yard work, I'll probably get out with the rake too.

I'm not sure how much posting on the blog I will do now that we are home. Unless something interesting is happening, I may take a little break. I hope you will check from time to time as I still plan to continue blogging, just not as often.


  1. Enjoy the kids, grandkids and your HUGE little sweet home. You have done a fab job on your blog!!

  2. Thank you Carol. You have been such an encouragement to me! Hope things are going well for you!