Monday, April 12, 2010

Traveling on the Natchez Trace

At one time the Natchez Trace was just a wilderness road. Traders traveled this route as it was the most direct route from Natchez, MS to Nashville, TN. It was the most heavily traveled road in the old Southwest. A clear path was beaten down over the years and by 1810 many improvements were made to the road. Many Inns were built along the Trace. The Natchez Trace we now know and love, runs parallel to the old Trace. It was started in the late 1930's and is a very peaceful and scenic drive. No commercial vehicles are alowed on this parkway, but RV's are allowed.

This is what the road looks like. Even though it's not a divided highway, there isn't a lot of traffic and you are only supposed to go 50mph. It was a very peaceful drive. I just love some of the overhead bridges. There were several like this one.

If you click on this one, you will see the mile post number. Every mile there is one. See the 50 mph sign. Some people passed us because we tried to drive the speed limit, but most people did obey the law on this road. Also, see the wildflowers along side of road.

Wildflowers aren't as great as in Texas, but it's early yet!

Pretty view here of lake!

This is a scenic pull-off area. There are many pull-offs along the route and most can accomodate our RV with no problem.

Dogwoods were in full bloom!

Redbuds too!

We stopped for the night at Meriwether Lewis Campground. Owned by the National Park Service. It is one of three campgrounds on the parkway. It is free to stay here. We have a nice drive-thru site, a picnic table and a grill here. No electric, but water is available. We are depending on our Solar for tonight. So, far it's running great! This is a very peaceful setting.

Tomorrow we will be headed to Knoxville, TN for a couple of days and then to Roanoke to see family on Friday for the weekend and hope to be home by next Monday or Tuesday.


  1. Looks like you had beautiful weather. Love reading your makes me feel like I am there with you. Very relaxing.

  2. Thanks Carol and Julie, glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Phew! That bridge picture made me nervous thinking if no commercial vehicles were allowed, did they make the bridges high enough?! Obviously "May B" would tell you if the bridge wasn't high enough, right?

  4. They have to post the height if under a certain height. No commercial vehicles actually means no trucks or cars that are used for commercial purposes. It is meant to me a peaceful highway for cars and rv's without all the hussle and bussle. Road is meant for recreation purposes with lots of pull-offs. It is really neat. If it were used by commercial vehicles, it would totaly change the whole ambiance of the road. Lots of RV's and Motorhomes are as high or higher, so they wouldn't let you on if this were a problem.

    I know what you mean though. If we hadn't already talked to people who had driven it, we might wonder. We are always aware of possibility of low bridges. Lots of them look lower than they really are.