Monday, March 29, 2010

The Sheep-& Lunch with the Girls

We arrived in San Angelo last Wednesday. We have just been relaxing and enjoying being with family again. We decided it would be fun to take the kids to lunch. So on Friday the boys went with us and unfortunately I didn't bring the camera with me, so no pics. We had a great time anyway. Today was the girls turn, so they picked this Mexican Restaurant pictured above, located in town.

After lunch we went to the Visitor's Center in San Angelo. This is a picture in the back which is nicely landscaped and right on the Concho River.

Here is the front of the Visitor's Center.

We stopped at the Eggemeyer's General Store in San Angelo. A neat little store that seems to have everything. It would definately be a good place to find a unique gift for someone.

Some of us remember "penney candy". There was a nice collection of all the different kinds of candy we enjoyed as kids. They even had candy cigarettes (Yuck!)

Emma is really serious about her ballet. This is one of her practice studios. She has been in many different performances in San Angelo. Every year she performs in the Nutcracker. Just this past year, she has learned Pointe. She loves ballet so much that she is always dancing around the house and if you have a conversation with her expect a twirl or two during the conversation. She is now 13 and is a little taller than me at 5'4". She is as sweet as she is pretty!

All around town they have these adorable sheep. I guess this area used to be known for its sheep and wool. So, many businesses have decorated them and they are scattered throughout the city. The lovely young lady here posing with this one is 9 yr old Ellie.

Another one we drove by.

This one is called "Common Cents" If you click on it, you might be able to see why it's called that. It is covered in pennies. This was one of my favorites.


  1. Common sense!Ha!Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny! Ellie

  2. Ellie, You are just tooooo smart!!!!!

  3. OOh I love those sheep... Haven't seen anything like this yet. When are you coming back to the State Park?


  4. Headed in that direction tomorrow. It is 400 miles, so we will get there late! I'll keep you posted!

  5. Very beautiful young ladies! I love those sheep too.Things like that give a town character. When we were in San Benito down in the valley we took pictures of murals on the sides of buildings all over town.

  6. We had a great visit with the 2 of you. Hope you enjoy your meandering back to New York. See you in the Fall.

  7. Julie, They have lots of murals on sides of buildings as well. I'll have to get some pictures next time we visit.