Friday, March 19, 2010

Rally in Kerrville

We were supposed to arrive at the Rally on Monday, but over the weekend we started having problems with the truck. At first Al thought it was the brakes, but on further inspection he discovered a bearing that needed replacement. It's Sunday, and of course nothing is open, and we are in a very small town. Luckily, he spoke to one of the camp host here and he was able to direct Al to a garage just a few miles away. Al called there first thing Monday morning and got right in. They were really great and he was out by noon. It was an expensive fix, but worth it to know we are safe to travel.

We decided to wait until Tuesday to go to the Rally. It didn't officially start until Wednesday anyway. We drove to Kerrville and really enjoyed the scenery along the way. The hill country in Texas is really pretty. I won't say as pretty as the Adirondacks, but beautiful country anyway.

Not too much was going on on Tuesday, but we did get to visit with a couple of our friends here before heading out to dinner in the evening.

The next morning I woke up sick, with a stomach bug. Not sure if it was something I ate at the restaurant or just a bug, but I was very sick all day yesterday, and today I felt somewhat better but not great. So, we missed the first night festivities, "The Meet & Greet". I was supposed to be in charge of the "Potluck Supper" on Thursday night, and still did not feel well enough to attend. Luckily, 12 couples had signed up as volunteers to help, so it went off smoothly without me. I can't tell you how disappointed I was to miss this and everything so far. I have been looking forward to the rally for a long time. Things like this happen sometimes, so I'll just have to move on. We have some other fun things planned and I'm sure by tomorrow, I'll be back to normal again.

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  1. Major bummer that you have been sick. I know the rally was a big reason you've been in TX for 3 1/2 months...oh and the grandchildren that live here ;-) I hope you're feeling better today and are able to participate in all of the fun this weekend. See you soon.