Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Visit to New Braunfels

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday. It actually got up into the 80's! Al and I decided to take a ride to New Braunfels. We had heard it was a nice town to visit, and we needed a couple of things at the store anyway. New Braunfels is a little German Town, population 40,000+. We walked around the downtown area which was busy for a weekday. We found it to have unique little shops and some nice architecture. The Gazebo in the center of town was barricaded off for some reason, so you couldn't go to the cute little park that was there.

This is the County Courthouse. I just loved this building. It reminded me of some buildings back East, except for the top which appeared to be more of a Spanish influence. If you look to the left of the building, this is the annex of the Courthouse. I thought it was interesting that they would choose red brick as this building was actually attached to the Courthouse.

When we first arrived we parked right across the street from the New Braunfels Railroad Museum. As our luck always seems to be, it is only opened from Thursdays through Mondays and is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So, we were unable to go in. We did, however walk around the outside and were able to get a few neat pictures.

Here is the Steam Locomotive! There is something majestic about these old trains that are so lacking in the more modern ones.

Now, to us, this is the most significant picture of all! If you can't see what the sign says, click on the picture for a better look. Railway Express Agency, which is no longer in business, is where Al's father worked for many, many years. In fact, Al worked there with his father for a short time before going into the service, and then again after he got out for a year or two. We are always looking for any memorabilia of Railway Express, and seldom find anything these days, so we thought it was pretty neat!

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