Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rainy Day here at Goose Island

This has been an interesting winter here in Texas on our first year on the road. All the Texans keep apologizing to us for this crummy weather, saying it's just not typical at all. Well, all I can say is, it doesn't have to be sunny everyday. It doesn't need to be 70 degrees. It's not snowing, but the wind is blowing, and it is raining pretty hard. It's about 59 degrees out, but not the kind of day you would want to go for a walk. It's actually kind of gloomy! I can think of some February days that I have enjoyed in New York. I am thinking of one of those brisk 40 degree days where the sun is shining and the cool (but not cold ) air is actually refreshing. One thing is for sure, Mother Nature (actually God) is in charge of the weather, so we aren't complaining one bit! Life is good here, and today was a good day to stay in and do some chores. I even enjoy chopping vegetables now! I used to hate doing that, but now I like it and I made some homemade soup. I made so much that I have to freeze some of it.

If anyone is wondering if this type of lifestyle is affordable, I have to say in our case it has been. Al and I are certainly not rolling in dough, but we know how to cut corners when necessary. I am actually finding that we are spending less out here on the road than when we are home in the house. We just buy less, I guess because we don't have all that much room in this place. We don't spend as much as we could on camping fees either, because we are willing to stay at State and National Parks. In fact we rather prefer them over the Resort type RV parks. Many of the parks we have looked at have the sites so close together that you can barely get your slides open. While it is true they have some ammenities we might like to have, we really like the peace and quiet and the space we have here, and at many of the other parks we have stayed at. One of the things we did do before retiring is to make sure we have no debt. We sold our home and downsized to a smaller place with less maintenance and less expense.

We never know how many years we will be able to enjoy this lifestyle, but for now we are living in the moment. It has been really great these past few months, but when it's time to head home, that will be great also. We miss our family and friends back home, so once we start heading that way in April, I'm sure I'll be just as excited to get there as I was to leave there in October. Yes, I think for now, this is definately the life for us! We have the best of both worlds!

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  1. Amen, Nita. You really have to like living in a small area, but the other perks are great. We are making it on our SS. Doing volunteer work helps also. But we do get to see other parts of this great country and make new friends as we travel.