Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blessing Hotel Coffeeshop, Blessing, TX

Sign at side entrance of Hotel

Buffet set-up

Here are the two wood stoves keeping the hot food warm

Front entrance of hotel

Front desk of Hotel

We left Goose Island, feeling very sad. We loved it there, loved the friendly people, the scenery and the peacefulness. But, it was time to go. So we said goodbye to Wayne and Julie, and headed toward Galveston Island. Wayne had suggested that we should stop in Blessing which is right on our way. They have a very unique little place called "The Blessing Hotel and Coffee Shop." He told us all about it and it sounded like a great idea and I just knew it would be good "Blog Material!"

It was almost noon when we got there. We weren't sure what door to go in, so we went in the side door where there was a sign for the coffee shop. Upon entering we saw tables with lots of people sitting at them and a buffet-type set up. There were two old wood stoves, that reminded me of a stove my grandmother used to have. On top of the two stoves were lots of pans with steam coming out of them. Next to the stoves there was a long table with salads, fruits, bread etc. Beverages and desserts were set up on another table. No one came up to us to greet us, so we just stood there and took it all in until one of the guests hollered out to us, "Just git yerself a plate and help yerself!" So, we did!

The food was wonderful. Southern cooking at it's finest! I don't know how they do it, but Southerners have a way of making vegetables taste the best! I went back for seconds on the vegetables. There were three meat dishes, many vegetables, potatoes and gravy, rice, etc. This was all made from scratch. For just $8.50 the beverage and dessert was included and you can go back for as much as you want.

There were lots of bikers there as well as local people, but people come from all over to this restaurant, according to the owner. I chatted with her after the meal and she gave me a brief history lesson. She told me that until 1983 the guests helped themselves to the food right off the stoves in the kitchen. However, the health department stepped in and they were no longer allowed to do this. They now cook in the kitchen on more modern stoves, but use these wood stoves to keep the food hot. This restaurant has been featured in Southern Living Magazine and has had many things written about it in the papers.

The hotel was built in 1906 by Jonathan Pierce. who also founded the town. According to different records I have read, Mr Pierce wanted to name the town "Thank God" because two railroads intersected there. The post office decided against it so he named the town "Blessing" instead. The hotel is still open for business.


  1. OKKK, this one just went on the HIT list if we ever get back to TX. Our kinda place, thanx for posting it!

  2. We loved Blessing too! Have been there a few times now.I love it most when it is very busy and you just sit at a table with other people and get to know them. There used to be a renowned fabric and bead shop beside the hotel but it moved ...I think it is still nearby.

  3. Great place and great documentation too. Been so busy I haven't had much time to comment but I've got your blog on a feed list so I see it right on my Hidden Valley home page each time you post. Sounds like you're having fun.