Friday, February 19, 2010

Goliad State Park & Goliad, TX

Wayne, Floyd and Julie McNutt
The Empresario Restaurant where we had lunch

The Town's famous "Hanging Tree"

Inside the Sanctuary of Mission Espiritu Santo

This is the fort called "Presidio La Bahia"

Outside of Mission Espiritu Santo

Al and me with Julie and Wayne at the Goliad State Park

Today is our last day at Goose Island. Wayne and Julie suggested we all go to this little town about an hour northwest from here and visit the Goliad State Park and the town of Goliad.

Goliad is a very historical place. In 1754 Spain established a mission here called Mission Espiritu Santo. They also built a fort nearby commonly called Presidio La Bahia. It was customary for the Spanish to build a fort nearby a mission to protect it. The Spanish missionaries were there to introduce Christianity to the Native Indians who lived there. In exchange for offering food and shelter as well as protection from other tribes, they agreed to live there and learn about the Roman Catholic faith. Spain's purpose here was to gain occupation of the area.

We saw pictures of the ruins of the mission before it was rebuilt. The rebuilding began in the 1930's. The mission stands on the grounds of the state park. We toured the inside and outside grounds and also visited a little museum they had set up there.

After visiting the state park there, we went into the little town of Goliad. Goliad has just over 2000 residents. A very quaint little town with very nice shops and restaurants. "Remember Goliad" became a Texas Revolutionary battle cry honoring Col. James W. Fannin, Jr and his men who were massacred there, 342 in total.

We stopped at a very nice restaurant and had a wonderful lunch. Wayne and Julie recommended this place and we weren't disappointed. We walked around the town and visited the "Hanging Tree" known for many hangings that took place there. On our way home we stopped at the Fort called "Presidio La Bahia" and took a few pictures, but didn't go inside.

We had such a great time with our friends Wayne and Julie today. We will really miss them, but we will visit Goose Island again, so we know we will meet up with them again. They are from Ontario, so they don't really live all that far from New York so, maybe we can talk them into visiting our area sometime, hint, hint!

For various reasons we have decided not to go to Padre Island National Seashore this year. We visited there two different times during the day and we really love it there, but the weather forecast still isn't good. We have been here for over a month and decided it was time to visit another area. It is less than a month until the start of the Montana Rally, and then after that we slowly make our way back, stopping again in San Angelo. We have a couple of other places on our list that we want to visit, so we made reservations for Galveston Island State Park and will head there tomorrow.

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  1. Excellent history lesson! Although we have seen Goliad before, we had more fun viewing it for a second time with you! Loved your picture of the hanging was a tough one to get just right. I am still thinking of that delicious sandwich we had. Sorry that you are leaving tomorrow. We will miss you both a lot...and your air card, a little.