Friday, February 12, 2010

Kitchen Project

This is the cupboard between fridge and stove

Pots and Pans waiting for their new digs!

Front view of new orgainzer

Side view of new organizer

Sorry if the replies are missing from this post but it was accidentally deleted and I managed to re-create it, but cannot get back all your replies! Bummer!

Most people who know Al, know he is a handy guy. He also likes to keep busy doing things. He doesn't always get things done immediately, but sooner or later little projects get done. So, I have been complaining a lot about this one kitchen cupboard. It's the one that holds the pots and pans. It's down low, it's narrow, and it's deep. I usually have to pull everthing out to get something that's way in the back. Since cooking is a daily thing, and it's been such a pain for both of us, we looked for something that would fit in this cupboard. After taking measurements, we headed to Lowes when we were in San Angelo, and found this organizer called Rev-a-shelf. They had one that would fit perfectly in our small space.

I know it's such a little thing, but isn't it neat!? Sometimes, it's the little things that makes me happy, and this is one of those things! Besides, it was one of those crummy days, when it was too cold to go out, but a good day for a project! Thanks Sweetheart! Will you be my Valentine?

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