Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fishing on Goose Island

Our next door neighbor always has his pole ready for a catch!

The pelicans are waiting for their free dinner! Come on! Hurray up I'm hungry!

Notice the pelican are anxious for a handout!

Watching this guy filleting fish was interesting! He was really fast!

One of many boat docks in Fulton

Fishing is a very popular sport here on Goose Island. In fact this whole area of Fulton/Rockport is known for it's fishing. Fulton and Rockport kind of blend together. The first town we enter off the Island is Fulton and then Rockport. Both are popular for their plentiful RV Parks and their small town charm. You don't really feel like you are in a touristy area, but Rockport has become a chosen place for snowbirds or as the Texans here call us, Winter Texans. The people who live and work here seem to enjoy the influx of people as it's good for business. I would say that Texans are the friendliest people you will meet anywhere you go. Anyway, it is a very laid back kind of place.

Lot's of people come into the park every day and take their boats out to do some fishing. We noticed today the man pictured above, cleaning fish at the fish cleaning station. He had a couple of other guys with him. We found out he had taken them out in his boat for a day of fishing and this was their catch, which he was filleting for them. Lots of pelicans, (both brown and white) and a couple of seagulls were hanging out ready to get any extras tossed their way. We asked the guy how much does he charge for a day of fishing and he says he gets $600 for 2-3 people. I suppose that's not bad, but we decided to pass.

Also, being parked right here on the Bay, many RVer's just put their pole out and leave it there all day if necessary. The guy next to us always has his pole out. Unfortunately, trying to fish off the shore right now has not been too successful I am told, because it has been too windy.
Since we have been here we have been waiting for a weather forecast that shows at least a few sunny days in a row. We are very anxious to go to the Padre Island National Seashore about 4o miles from here where we will do some boondocking and use our Solar panels. We are really looking forward to going to this beautiful area. But for now, we get one of two sunny days, then rain for several days, then more cloudy days. The weather has definately been off for the whole country this year. Honestly, we love it here right where we are, so we look ahead at the 10 day forecast and just keep renewing our stay here. Sooner or later we will get there. We aren't complaining as we are having a great time, meeting nice people here, and we will miss it when we leave.


  1. I LOVE Texas, ohhhh, you know that! Visited the area you are in many years ago, but not in a RV. Great posts!!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your blogs! Now in our second year of "hosting" here at Goose Island State Park, we still love being here. You have captured the essence of Goose and Rockport with your great pictures.
    Thanks for sharing and we had a good time lunching with you today.

  3. Julie, thanks for the kind words! We had a great time at lunch today also. We're so glad we are parked next to you here at Goose Island! We couldn't ask for nicer neighbors!