Thursday, January 27, 2011

More of Quartzsite

Standing by our site looking down at the circle from inside. Notice all the flags

Al took this picture and the next few pictures from the rooftop of our Montana

This was the official first day of the rally. We all dragged our lawn chairs out to the middle for an informational meeting.

It is so hard to describe Quartzsite. It is kind of a nothing little town that spring alive during the winter months. There are some permanent stores here in buildings, but a lot are in tents. We have only visited a few areas. There is much, much more. Lots and lots of junk, but some good stuff too for good prices. It's just kinda fun being there.

We were entertained by Rocky Watson. He was gooood!!!

Tent after tent

Row after row

Lot's of RVers here, in fact it's mostly RVers!


  1. Enjoyed your pictures! You got the feeling of Q!!!

  2. Great pictures Al....Where should I send the bag of grits for ya'll?

  3. Tks Nita. Enjoyed the Pix and your blog. Dennis Laf..