Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fort Stockton, Texas

On our way west we stopped for a couple of days at Fort Stockton, Texas. Yes there is a fort here, and we did drive to the parking lot, looked around, and sorry to say we were not impressed. So, since we only had one day to tour the area, we decided against going through the fort this time.

Road Runner sign claims to be the largest in the country, as far as Road Runner signs go.

This is the Visitor's Center. It used to be an old train station.

These metal figurines are on both sides of the visitor's center.

Rocking-Horse Oil Rig displayed on Visitor's Center grounds.

We visited The Annie Riggs Memorial Museum. This was a hotel built in 1900 and now owned by the Fort Stockton Historical Society. There were many exhibits from earlier times in Pecos County. We really enjoyed this. Below are some pictures of some of the exhibits.

This was the lobby. Showcase displayed some items for sale and Al found a really nice belt buckle for only $11.00. I managed to find a really neat kitchen magnet for my collection.

This is the parlor. Notice the two pianos.

Dining room. Hard to capture in the picture all the beautiful pieces in this room.

I just loved the charm of this old kitchen.

These are remains of a Whoolly Mammoth.

There were so many arrowheads displayed in this one room. These are only some of them!

Anyone looking for a saddle?

Courtyard and a restored buggy from the early 1900's.


  1. OK, now we have a war about who has the largest roadrunner??

    Well, mine is made from trash! LOL

    Looks like a good place for a couple of days sightseeing.

  2. Love the pictures. The boys would love all of the arrowheads. Have a great trip.