Friday, January 7, 2011

Enjoying our Last Couple Days Here

Emma (left), Ellie (right) and Elisha (front) taken in Emma and Ellie's room.

Everson (left) and Erik (right) putting a Star Wars puzzle together on Erik's bed

Fresh Produce Co-op day! A few baskets of produce are still waiting to be picked up.

On Sunday, we plan on leaving the comfort of our family here in San Angelo, and head west toward New Mexico and Arizona. It has been a wonderful visit. I decided I needed to take a break from blogging during our stay here. In fact, I even put the camera aside because I just wanted to relax, take it all in, and really enjoy the holiday.

Today, I was in their home, and I snapped a couple of pictures of the kids for the Aunts, Uncles, cousins and friends to see how much they have grown since last year. They are all getting bigger, and Emma is now taller than me! She will be 14 in March and is still into Ballet! She goes to ballet practice 5 days a week and for several hours at a time. She is very serious about it, and is becoming a very good dancer. Erik (12) is still playing basketball. This really is his passion, and he hopes to be in the NBA when he grows up. Meanwhile, he also enjoys playing with Legos along with his brother, Everson. Ellie (10) is still as cute as can be. She also is in ballet and loves other sports as well. Everson (7) is really growing up. He loves sports and also enjoys Legos. He especially likes anything relating to Star Wars. Little Elisha is now 3 and has changed the most of all the kids. We saw them all briefly in September, but what a change in him since then. He talks much more fluently now, and likes playing with his sisters and his brothers. He seems to have many interests in many different things. He has quite a personality and keeps us all in stiches.

Twice a month, on Fridays, Deja has a fresh produce co-op at her home. She has several friends that go in on it, and she and the kids divide everything up between several different baskets for people to pick up. I got over there a little late, but there were still some baskets left to be picked up, so I was able to get a picture. Nice when you can get fresh fruits and vegetables for a reasonable price.

So we will miss everyone here when we leave on Sunday. But, it's nice to know we have a place to come every year that is a second home to us.

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