Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas San Angelo Style

This sign was in downtown San Angelo. They don't worry about being politically correct here. I find that very refreshing.

This was on the lawn of the County Courthouse in San Angelo. Again, I was pleasantly surprised that this tradition is still alive and well in Texas.

The Christmas and New Year's holiday is now over and, the kids are back to their schooling and a more normal routine. We've had a great time here these past few weeks and being with family for Christmas, made it extra nice. We had an Italian dinner with Doug, Deja and kids as well as Deja's family on Christmas Eve. Deja's uncle from San Antonio came with some friends and his friend, Frank entertained us all by singing and playing his guitar. He had us all singing along and even yodeling. The kids especially enjoyed this, but we all had a lot of fun.

The kids all came over to our little house on New Years Eve. Their Mom and Dad went out to dinner and we invited the kids to come for dinner and a little party. We all watched the movie "Despicable Me" together and had a great time. Unfortunately, the party ended at 10pm and we didn't stay up to watch the ball drop.

On Sunday we all went to church and it was a special occasion because Everson (7) was baptised. I missed his 3 older siblings baptisms because we were in NY and still working. He was happy to have his other grandparents, Trish and Tom there as well.

We will be heading toward Arizona in another week. We have never been further west than here, and are anxious to continue on toward New Mexico and Arizona. I guess the weather hasn't been so great in Arizona lately, but we are hoping it will improve by the time we get there.

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  1. Sounds as if your holidays were wonderful. Wahhooo.

    See ya in Arizona, bring warm weather! LOL