Friday, January 8, 2010

On the way to San Antonio

We arrived at a RV park in San Antonio yesterday afternoon. There is a cold spell griping most of our nation. It has been raw and windy so it's hard to do anything touristy in nature. So, we have been hanging out here in San Antonio for a couple of days. We are not sure we will even visit the Riverwalk on this trip through. We will be going through here again in March, so we'll save it for then. We had no water again this morning and they are shutting it off tonight. They don't want to deal with frozen water lines. At least we have a fresh water tank, so we are fine. We plan to leave here on Sunday and head toward the Corpus Christi/Rockport area. It is also very cold there, but is supposed to get better next week.

We plan to venture out for dinner in a little while. We have been just relaxing here, and taking care of some necessary paperwork that needs to get done.

I thought you might enjoy seeing a couple of pictures I took on the way here from San Angelo. Pictures of a small little town called Mason, TX population just over 2000. It is so typical of the many small towns you see in TX. Notice the Western style in the downtown buildings and the streets are wide. Can't you just picture horses drawn up to the sidewalk instead of cars and trucks.

OK......It's all I got right now, I'm cold and I don't feel like taking pictures right now. Later...


  1. Well, WE wouldn't have shut the water off on you ;-) Funny you took pictures of Mason. We used to visit friends of the family when I was a child. We'd stay at their ranch just outside of Mason. Little did you know that you happened upon another piece of my childhood! Hope the weather really truly warms up for you.

  2. Al & Nita, we're here in San Antonio area too. We haven't turned the water off at our Park but there are some many using electric heaters to assist their propane ones that the electricity has flickered off a couple times and the breakers need to be reset.
    Where are you staying. We're at Hidden Valley RV Park on the SW edge of San Antonio. Hope it's lots warmer in Corpus for you.

  3. Howdy, Al & Nita, Thanks for stopping by, it's always nice to meet the ones we read about on cyber space in the blog world. Hope we get to meet again and the weather is more friendly and Texas-like. Happy travels this season...keep us up to date and enjoy Rockport.

  4. Nita, you have been awarded the Happy 101 Award over at Reflections From the Fence. Drop by and pick up your well deserved award.

  5. Nita, your comment DID come through on my blog and thanks. Look forward to seeing you in the spring.