Sunday, January 10, 2010

San Antonio Riverwalk

Yesterday was a nice sunny day. It was only in the 40's but it wasn't windy and it was very pleasant. We decided to venture out for the day. We first stopped at another RV park near SanAntonio, Hidden Valley RV Park. We got a reply on our blog from Mark and Teri who manage the park. We decided it would be fun to check it out as we will be traveling back through San Antonio in March. We met Teri and had a nice conversation with her and she let us drive through the park. It is a small park with only 35 sites and we saw a few sites empty that would easily accomodate our rig. We found out also that Teri was originally from New Rochelle, NY, a town we often drive through on our way to Long Island. It's alway nice meeting new people. She was so nice and we look forward to stopping back there.

We had debated on going to the Riverwalk as we heard they were cleaning out the river. It was being drained and cleaned which is a week-long process they do every year. We had been to the Riverwalk a few years ago. It is a really beautiful place. However, not so pretty right now. Christmas is over so all those decorations are gone and it is winter so all the beautiful flowers are missing. It has been so cold at night that some of the plants that were there were covered up with plastic. Also, because of the cold spell the outside eateries show just a bunch of unoccupied tables. I snapped a couple of pictures of the process. You'll see lots of mud.

We had a nice lunch at a Mexican Restaurant,and just walked around watching the men work. On our way back to the car we decided to look for a place to have a cup of coffee. We saw a sign for the Buckhorn Museum. Inside was a place you could sit and eat. We both had coffee and pie. We didn't go through the museum, but really enjoyed the western style saloon. I took some pics of it as well as a cowboy that hangs around the place. His name is Billy. He is from New Jersey and says he is a born again Texan! Actually, he works there, but I'm not sure what he does. It was a very interesting place.

Today we are headed toward Corpus Christi , and are planning on staying at Mustang Island State Park.


  1. Well, you've had one Texan welcome you to America, then you've met a Born Again Texan. Your trip to Texas is complete! Have a great trip to the coast. Can't wait to see the pictures.

    And did Poppy have some PIE for Elisha?

  2. Deja, We were just talking about Elisha and his PIE!
    I'm sure he would have enjoyed it! We arrived at Mustang Island this afternoon. It is sunny and windy here! We have to take a ferry to go to Rockport, but it's free. Temps are finally going up and should be in the 60's this week.

  3. Great pics of the muddy river Nita. That cowboy Billy has been there for some time and is just kind of a welcomer. I had no idea he was from New Jersey. Been nice weather and temps in SA too but we do expect a few sprinkles and more during the rest of the week. till later...