Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mustang Island

We arrived here at Mustang Island State Park on Sunday. Mustang Island is a barrier island on the Gulf Coast in Texas. The town of Port Aransas is located on the northern end of the island and the State Park encompases most of the southern end, and has 5 miles of beach. The city of Corpus Christi also is on a small part of Mustang Island as well as North Padre Island. The beach here at the campground is really beautiful. We were disapointed that we didn't have a site that overlooked the Gulf of Mexico, but the barrier is very thick here. You need to take a short walk down to the beach to really enjoy it.

We decided to take a trip and explore the area a little bit, so on Monday we went out to The National Seashore on N. Padre Island. It almost seems like a continuation of Mustang Island, but it is connected by a roadway, and is considered separate. Both Mustang Island and N. Padre Island have beautiful beaches. You can drive on the beach and you can also camp right on the beach. We will have more about the National Seashore on a later post as we plan to go back there in a few weeks and stay in their campground.

We stopped back at the camper for lunch and then headed back out in the other direction to Port Aransas. Port Aransas is a cute little town with little shops, restaurants and a nice beach. So far, we are really loving this area.

Where we are staying, we are only about 5-7miles to Corpus Christi, and we can easily get any groceries or other supplies we may need. Yet, it's nice and quiet here, so it has been very relaxing.

We went to Rockport and visited Goose Island State Park yesterday. This will definately be our next stop. We are hoping to go to Goose Island on Monday and plan to stay there for at least a week or longer. I didn't take any pictures while there, knowing we'd be going back.

Pictures shown above are of the beach here at Mustang Island State Park and our campsite. We were hoping for a more picturesque campsite, but we are very comfortable here and it is only a short walk down to the beach. Today was a rainy day, so we stayed in and just relaxed. After all the touring we did the past couple of days, we were tired!


  1. That beach picture looks just like ours from the summer...only my pictures have kids in them ;-) Glad you're in a nice, quiet, relaxing kids are wandering around the yard, missing the camper. And now Emma is doing Ellie's hair...

  2. Yes, it does seem like all beaches look the same, doesn't it! We have pictures of 3 different beaches on the same day and I only knew which ones they were because of their order. Missing the kids!!!