Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy 101 Award

Every so often someone comes along and offers you words of encouragement. I have been struggling with blogging! I'm not the greatest blogger as I still find it difficult out here in blogger world figuring out how to do some of the things other bloggers know how to do. I'm not exactly a natural here. Things don't come that easy for me. I'm used to working with numbers but I'm not a particularly literary person. I really only started the blog because I figured it was a way for family and friends to be updated on what was going on with us in our travels. So you can imagine my excitement when I was awarded the "Happy 101 Award" from my friend, Carol over at "Reflections From the Fence." Carol and her husband are fellow Montana owners, who we have gotten to know through the Montana Owners Club. We have met some of the nicest people though this club and are so happy we met them. They are very special people!

So, now I am supposed to name 10 things that make me happy and pass this award on to 10 deserving bloggers who haven't received this award yet. Since, I'm new to the blogging world and haven't read many blogs, I'm postponing the later for the time being.

I can't possibly list all that makes me happy, so here are 10 that instantly come to mind in no particular order.

1. God, who loves me no matter what!

2. My loving husband, Al who thinks I'm cute!

3. Our wonderful children and their families

4. Grandchildren! They deserve a special mention, because they are so special!

5. All the rest of our families, brothers, sisters, sister-in-laws, brother-in-laws, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins.

6. This opportunity to travel this great country of ours

7. Wonderful friends, old and new

8. A sunny day and even sometimes a rainy day

9. A place called H O M E where I can go when this trip is over

10. All the great memories of Mom and Dad


  1. Glad I'm part of 3 & 4! Well at least I have a part in giving you #4...5 of them to be exact LOL Congratulations on the award!

  2. I told you you could do it!

    Great job! Congrats!