Saturday, January 25, 2014

Catching up Big Time!

I know it's been a long time since I posted here. Mostly though, I have posted what's going on in our travels on facebook, and I have had some requests from family and friends to start blogging again. To be honest, I guess I got bit by the lazy bug.  It can sometimes be a lot of work keeping up a blog, and you always wonder if anyone even reads it. On facebook, you get lots of replies almost instantly. Of course, many people aren't on there, so they don't see what's going on. Also, the blog gives me something to look back on later.  I actually enjoy going back and looking at previous posts of where we have been in previous years and places we have visited. It gives me a diary of sorts. So this will be a rather long one, and then every few days I will be posting some things we've been up to lately complete with pictures.

We started out on our journey around the first of November. We were anxious to leave to escape the cold weather and of course, our ultimate destination was to be in Texas by Thanksgiving and preferably a week before that. I had in mind to stop in Crossville, TN to see some dear friends I hadn't seen in many, many years, Joan and Larry Shaw. I hope my cousins in Virginia will forgive me for not stopping there this time, but it just didn't work into our schedule. We stayed in a campground named Bean Pot Campground right near their home.  I had not seen Joan and Larry in at least 30 years and Joan is one of my best friends.  I had been out of touch with her for a very long time. I must say when we finally got together, the years we had been apart just seemed to disappear. They had never met my husband Al, and they instantly hit it off with him. It was a wonderful reunion, and I can't wait until we can see each other again sometime. Of course, we have been planning this for a few years now, but you know how it is. Unfortunately, Larry is in poor health, but he has a very good spirit and that twinkle in his eye and smile is always present.  Both have a deep faith in God and I know it carries them through the difficult times. After a few days, we moved on. I felt sad leaving to be honest and I would have enjoyed staying longer.  I know we will be back.

We stayed at the Gulf Islands National Seashore for about a week in Ocean City, MS. It was nice to have a week to just rest and relax. We were basically just meandering our way toward San Angelo, TX to Doug and Deja's to see the grandkids. Oh, did I say that!  I mean to see everyone! LOL!!! Ha ha! 

                                         Our Campsite at Gulf Island National Seashore

Finally on November 20th we arrived at the kid's in San Angelo and it was so wonderful seeing everyone there.  We parked in their driveway and were just steps from their front door. It was easy access to their house and our little house as well.  Of course, the kids were in and out, and the first few days, especially the youngest 4 were all in there at once. It got a little loud and crowed, but oh what fun it was!!! Al and I are so blessed to have 15 wonderful grandchildren and even though these 6 are in TX, we are so lucky we got to spend 6 weeks with them right here where they live.

Elisha, Everson, and Egan

                             Ellie, Emma, and Erik

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve with the family, and Deja's parents and some of her family members were here also. It was so good seeing everyone. We always have a good time, and as usual, we were well fed, that is for sure. We also had Christmas morning with the kids, and boy did they get a slew of things! I guess it pays to have a lot of grandparents, LOL! All kidding aside, these kids are grateful for even their smallest gifts. We had gotten them a suspend game as one of their gifts, and they put away their computer games and played with it for hours.

Before we leave and move on down the road, I want to tell you a funny little story about the youngest little guy.  His name is Egan.  Egan is only 2, and he thinks he rules the roost sometimes. The cutest little guy, I must say!. He will put on a costume, especially Batman, mask and all and assume the roll. He doesn't even mind wearing that mask, which I find rather hilarious for his age. Well, since he is so young, he of course needs to be watched while outside, and he had been asking to come over to our RV for a visit, and no one would bring him. His brother was watching him (they do have a fenced in yard). However, he took his eyes off of him just long enough.  Well anyway there was a knock on our door.  I went to the door, and who should appear but BATMAN!  What you can't see is his cape. He walked in proud as could be!!!

                                                              Egan aka "Batman"

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