Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, TX

Our last stop on the way to San Angelo was Amarillo, TX. Al had a place in mind he has wanted to visit ever since he first heard about it.  It was kind of a "bucket list" type of thing. It is called Cadillac Ranch. He had seen it on Google Earth. and some of our friends had gone there. It's just a piece of property where 10 Cadillac's are buried half in the ground.  A piece of art work, I guess. They were buried in the 70's and have been a tourist attraction ever since. You can see them as you drive along the highway. Several people go there every day. Al says they all used to be a light blue color. In recent years though, people have been spray painting graffiti on them.  Unfortunately people leave litter and even their spray cans behind, as there is no one is around to monitor the place.

On our way in, we passed a man and I asked him if it was worth the stop.  He said, "No, not really, I drove 120 miles just to see it.,  I had to do it."  Well, that about sums up the place.  It really was kind of a hoot and did give us a chuckle.  Hope you enjoy the pictures from different viewpoints.  No captions necessary.



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  1. It is worth the stop, great photos and a bucket list item ticked off. Good stuff all!