Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Finally We Are Traveling Again

Well, I didn't know for sure if this day would finally come, but we left our home on November 2 and are headed west.  So far, it has been cold everywhere, but it does seem to get a little warmer with every place we stop.  The first night we drove out past Buffalo and spent the night in a WalMart parking lot.  Not my favorite, but there were no RV parks open anywhere.   Luckily, there were other campers there, so we felt quite safe and we both slept well.  The next night we stopped in at an RV park near Cincinatti, OH.  There were almost no RV parks open in Ohio either, but luckily we found  an RV park run by Hamilton County.  We stayed there for 2 nights.  Our next stop was Franklin, KY and tonight we are staying at an RV park in a town about 50 miles west of Nashville.

I wasn't planning on updating my blog until we visit some interesting places.  Right now we are just trying to get away from the cold.  To be honest, I'm hoping for a low-key type of trip.  Other than spending the holidays with family in Texas, we are not making any real plans.  We are trying to take each day as they come.  We do have places in mind we wish to go, and are making short term plans as we go along.  It seems kinda nice to not have commitments after the events of the past year.  I must say though, I am feeling well, and I am determined that this is going to be a great year health-wise.  All of my tests came back normal and I am in remission.

Of course, we do have family members in NYC, NJ and Long Island who are experiencing some really difficult times right now.  They are just starting to get things back to normal and are now facing a Noreaster coming their way.   Not only were they without power, but some have had to wait hours in line for gas.  We are praying all goes well for them.

Stay tuned.  Will update again soon.  I promise to make my next post a little more interesting.

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  1. So happy for you Nita! Hope to see you sometime this winter while we are all on the road, probably at the "Q". Safe rides and enjoy every moment!1