Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sooo Cold Even In Texas

If you haven't read my post from yesterday, you might want to scroll down and read that one first. I am playing catch up here. So, this is my second post in 2 days and hopefully, tomorrow or Tuesday I will post another one.

Well, we all sure know about how cold it's been all over the Northeast this year. Well, it was very cold in Texas as well. At least for Texas that is!! Keep in mind that we were living in an RV and that is a lot different than being in a house. I know, I know what you are saying Wah, wah, poor Nita! ha ha ha! Well, I have to tell you my joints were aching, I was freezing. It got down into the 20's and this started in November, mind you! We had some rather nice days, but they were few and far between.  At night I just couldn't seem to keep warm. I had a wicked cold during that time as well which didn't help matters. The roads were icy and mainly the bridges. They don't have the equipment here like they do back home to melt the ice, so it took about a week for things to get back to normal. 

Even so, the cold continued and we were there for 6 weeks, and then our furnace stopped working.  Poor Al, he is a do-it-your selfer and thank God for that! He had everything apart and spread out on the floor in our RV. Luckily he went to an RV place near here and they tested our circuit board and found out we needed a new one, so for about $150 bucks, (which included a veteran's discount) Al got it fixed.  It was quite a process getting to this point.  We had been attending a church here and the pastor and youth director stopped by while Al was in the middle of all this. They have a tradition of welcoming people by bringing them a coffee mug filled with candy kisses that says on it "you've been mugged" really cute, but Al thanked them and apologized for not inviting them in as there was a total mess going on. Our floor was covered with parts and tools all over the place and it was freezing cold in there as well. Plus he couldn't stop to visit anyway.  My daughter-in-law's mom offered us a place to stay for the night as she has a "Bunk House" she rents out. We were so thankful for her generous offer, but luckily, Al got it up and running.  Seems like every year, something like this happens.  Unfortunately, it was just a little too cold to rely on alternative heat sources and since we were mostly relying on solar anyway, we really didn't want to use the electric heater we had with us.

So, that is my tale of woe. We all have them from time to time and we realize they are just part of life. It could be much worse. Now that we are basking in the 75 degree sunshine, what is there to complain about. We still have some problems, who doesn't. Life is good though!!! Really!!

Check back tomorrow or Tuesday for our trip going further west!  I'm done with my wah wah story!!!

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