Friday, December 3, 2010

Visit with Aunt Edna

Aunt Edna, looking really good at 93

After Leaving Winter Haven, we decided to drive over to Largo and pay a visit to Al's Aunt Edna. She is 93 and we hadn't seen her in many years. Al called her a few days ahead of time to make sure she would be home. So, yesterday we headed to Largo and stayed there at a nearby RV Park. It was only about 75 miles from Winter Haven, so we were able to set up our Montana in the park, have lunch and then head over to her place.

When we arrived, she did a cute little dance before hugging us both. She was so cute and seemed so happy to have us there. We had a wonderful visit with her and it was so good catching up on things going on in her family as well as ours.

Today, we drove to Quincy, FL near Tallahassee. It turned out to be a horrible drive for us. We didn't realize that the route we took would be a lot of stop and go. What should have taken no more than 5 hours, took us almost 7. We would have had to drive 50 more miles if we went the fastest route which would have been mostly interstate. Lesson learned.


  1. She is as cute as can be. I love being able to catch up with family while on the road.

  2. Great picture. Aunt Edna looks wonderful. I'm so glad you got to visit with her!