Sunday, December 12, 2010

Boondocking on Padre Island National Seashore

This is one of two campgrounds at the National Seashore on North Padre Island, run by the National Park Service.

We enjoyed walking on the beach and even driving our truck on the beach

Some campers on the beach were feeding the seagulls

Al took this picture from on top of our RV. All along the beach at the campground there are covered picnic tables.

We had the best campsite. On the far left is a path leading to the beach.

Our truck on the beach. We did a little combination of driving and walking. You can't drive on the part of the beach where the campground is. But you can drive for miles beyond it going south. There were people in RVs camping right on the beach.

I got up early enough yesterday to catch the sunrise over the water just outside our door.

We had a nice time camping at the National Seashore on N. Padre Island. We stayed for 4 days and had really great weather (except for a lot of wind). We were practicing our boondocking (meaning camping without hook-ups). We were totally off the grid as there is no electricity furnished and no water or sewer at the campsite. We were able to get water to fill our tanks, and they did have a dump station there. Since we have solar and a generator, it wasn't too bad. In fact, it was kinda fun.(In fact, we didn't have to use our generator at all). It seemed good to just relax, walk on the beach, pick up seashells, read, and watch a little TV. Not having too much on the agenda can sometimes be a good thing. I must confess, though it was a little hard to get into the Christmas spirit while there, as nothing reminded me of Christmas.
I'm really glad we went there, and we really enjoyed it. But, I must confess that 4 days was just enough for me. I guess I like being closer to civilization. I think it would have been more fun also if there were more people there. Even though the weather was good, not that many campsites were filled, probably because of the approaching holiday, and it just seemed kinda lonely.

We are now in Kerrville, TX for a couple of days, and then we head to San Angelo for "The Nutcracker," as 3 of the grand kids are in it again this year, and Erik is the Prince! We just couldn't miss it and, of course, it's less than 2 weeks til Christmas, so it will be nice to be with loved ones during that special time.


  1. FAB!! Enjoy the kids and San Angelo, is the Shannon West Texas Memorial Hospital still there?? Son # 2 was born there a few years back!

  2. Carol, I can't answer that question, as thankfully I have never been to the hospital there! I'll find out though! I remember you telling me your son was born there. It's a nice area, and a second home to us now.

  3. Carol, Part of the hospital was imploded over 25 years ago to make room for more hospital buildings. It still operates as Shannon Hospital.

    The kids are very excited to see Grandma and Poppy! The yard is all ready for the Montana!


  4. Can you boondock at this park year round? Do you need to make reservations? If so, how?