Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Revisiting Goose Island in Texas

We are spending a couple of days here at Goose Island State Park. Just relaxing a little, as we drove from Florida to here in 2 days. That's a lot of miles for us considering we are pulling a 38' Fifth-Wheel. It seemed good to sleep in a little this morning. We are getting ready to head out to Padre Island National Seashore, which is less than an hour from here. Anyone who read our blog last year, may remember we wanted to go there and try out our solar, but the weather was terrible, and we never seemed to get any sun that lasted for more than a day. So, I have been grocery shopping, doing laundry, and getting ready for 4 days at one of the prettiest places I have ever been. It should be fun. Our solar seems to be working good, and this year we brought our generator as a backup. Not sure if our aircard will work there, so I may not be updating the blog until after we leave there.

The weather forecast is sunny and in the high 60's and 70's for the next 4 days, and I'm hoping for a very relaxing and enjoyable time. We are all stocked up on groceries, and will be heading out tomorrow morning. I'll take lots of pictures!

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