Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tour of The Citadel with Rob

On Thursday Al and I took a ride over to the Citadel where both Rob and Vickie work. Vickie works in the Administration Building and is in charge of Payroll. Rob is the Director of Risk Management and Safety. Rob was our Tour guide and he did a fantastic job showing us around the place in a golf cart.

The Citadel is a State of South Carolina Military College. It is run as a military college and the students are taught leadership and character training and live in a military setting. All students dress in military uniforms and must live on campus. About one third of the students who graduate from the Citadel go into the military after graduations. All branches of the military are represented here.

This is the Administration building where Vickie works

This is a tank from a previous war. There are many artifacts from various wars on the campus

These are new students and are called "Knobs". They have the strictest of rules to go by. For the first 6 months they attend the school, they have to walk in single file everywhere they go. They must remain silent when going to and from their classes and they pretty much only go to classes. They don't get to socialize and even when they are in the mess hall, they can only talk when they are asked a question. Notice the hat they are wearing. It is plain and there are no stripes on them. This is how you can tell they are knobs. I felt so bad for them, but it's all a part of their training and everyone has to be a knob before he becomes a cadet.

The beautiful newly renovated library. The inside was really beautiful, I didn't feel I should take pictures while all the students were in there studying.

This is the chapel. I took pictures of the inside, but they came out too dark. It was a really beautiful place and was much larger than I imagined from the outside.

This is the entrance to one of the barracks. Notice the security. There are several of these buildings forming a large square with a courtyard in the middle.

This is Mark Clark Hall. This houses many different things, such as a barbershop, gift shop, game room, post office, billiard room, large auditorium, a reception room. There is also a Catholic chapel on the second floor and guest quarters on the third floor for distinguished guests who visit the Citadel.

Just had to take a picture of Uncle Al with his nephew, Rob. (two handsome guys)

Rob also took us a little behind the scenes. This houses different garages for various maintenance projects.

Rob was responsible for having all these defibrillators installed all over the campus. One of his many jobs is to make sure everything is up to code and to implement as many safety measures as he feels is necessary throughout the campus.

Rob, our fantastic tour guide in his office. Thanks Rob for a great time! We really enjoyed ourselves.

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  1. OOOOOO, how much fun is this! A personal tour! great stuff!