Friday, November 19, 2010

The Market and More of Charleston

Just some of the many items sold in the Market here.

Even Shoes!

These are grass baskets made here! They are very expensive because of the amount of labor involved in making them. This craft comes from Africa and I was told that is the only other place they are made.

Several different buildings hold many different vendors

This huge cruise ship is docked in Charleston harbor.

We had to try the She crab soup, which is very popular here in Charleston.

Al got a kick out of this, a place for him to rest while I shopped!

We are still enjoying ourselves here in Charleston. Yesterday we toured The Citadel. Rob and Vickie both work there, and Rob gave us a fantastic tour of the place. That will be my next blog post. Tonight we are going over to their house for a "Southern dinner" as Vickie tells us (It's a surprise). We will get to see the whole family including their grandchildren.......Can't wait!


  1. I have several of those baskets, made from sweet grass. They last for years with just a little care, works of art. Glad I bought mine so many years ago, they were not quite so expensive then.

    Looks like you are doing Charleston up right!

    I have never seen a cruise ship there, WOW!!

  2. They are just starting to get cruise ships there. They never used to have them!