Friday, November 26, 2010

Enjoying Thanksgiving Weekend

We enjoyed listening to Bill playing his dulcimer

Bill and Helen at their home on Thanksgiving Day

Ken and Sandy, friends of Bill and Helen. We enjoyed meeting them and having Thanksgiving together! Bonus....They are both originally from upstate NY!!!

The end of a perfect holiday. Beautiful sunset! Picture taken from Bill and Helen's Patio

Another picture of the Thanksgiving eve sunset.

This is the old sugar mill at De Leon Springs State Park. Now called "The Old Spanish Sugar Mill Restaurant.

Natural Springs swimming pool at De Leon Springs State Park

This is the a different view of the Sugar house overlooking a natural springs lake. Notice the beautiful water falls.

Something different is always fun. There were 2 griddles on the table for the 6 of us to use. They bring out pancake batter in pitchers and you make your own pancakes right at the table. Also, if you order eggs you fix them yourself also. We had a great time!

Sorry folks, someone had to take the picture. Here is Judy, Dennis, Al, Helen, and Bill

We've been having a great time here in Silver Springs visiting with Bill and Helen as well as Ken and Sandy. Thanksgiving was a wonderful time! Helen cooked a beautiful turkey as well as many of the fixings. Sandy's sweet potato casserole was beyond belief. I had to get that recipe! We all contributed to the dinner and I must say it was all good. But the best part was the fun we had with the people we were with. If you can't be with your family, the next best thing is to share the holiday with friends. We are so thankful that we have some great friends like Bill and Helen, and it seems like we are always making new ones while on the road.

Today, we went to De Leon Springs State Park. Helen had told us about this place and she thought we would enjoy the experience. It was about an hour's drive from here. Dennis and Judy, another couple we had met through the Montana Owners Club, met us there. Another great time with really nice people.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! What beautiful pictures. I am sure you are having fun in Florida!! Vickie