Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We have been enjoying our stay here in Nashville. We went to our first concert at the Grand Ole Opry on Tuesday night. It was wonderful. It wasn't anything like other concerts I've been to. Even if you aren't a Country Music fan, you can't help but be in awe. This is such a historical place. I felt so much emotion just being there. There were 8 different performers. They all put on a great show. Jeannie Seely, Del McCouty Band (Bluegrass group), John Conlee, Gloriana, Connie Smith, Jimmy Wayne, Jimmy Dickens (88 yrs. old), and Martina McBride. I didn't recognize some of the names, but when they got up on the stage, I recognized their songs. Many of these singers may be considered "has beens" but I have to say I really enjoyed the older ones as much as the newer groups. John Conlee was great and when Connie Smith sang "Amazing Grace" it was absolutely beautiful. Little Jimmy Dickens was a hoot, can't sing that well but was so funny anyway, and the fact that he is such an icon and still performing at his age was amazing. Since I enjoy Martina McBride's music, I was happy she was performing, and I wasn't disappointed.

One thing I learned that I never knew, the shows they put on are on live radio. So all the applause from the audience is heard on the radio as well. They even have advertisements during the show. It was a fun experience and I hope to go there again sometime.

Today we visited the Country Music Hall of Fame. It is a must see when visiting Nashville. We aren't big on museums, but we did enjoy this. I was a little disappointed because I was hoping there would be more displays on Johnny Cash. Hank William's display was huge. It must depend on who contributes the most memorabilia. We even had lunch there, and it was not only good but very reasonably priced.

The weather hasn't been great. It rained all day yesterday, so we just stayed in and didn't venture out until later in the day. Luckily it cleared up in time for the concert.

This campground is closing for the season tomorrow. I guess that means we haven't gone far enough south yet. We will be on the road tomorrow heading south toward Alabama.


  1. So, I just happened to be going through our favorites and deleting things...when I came across this! I'm going to have to talk to Doug about this LOL I'm so glad you are doing just might inspire me to update our blog more regularly...

  2. Deja
    And here Doug wrote to me and said "We'll be following your blog." I guess I'll need to have a talk with him when I get to Texas! LOL! I hope you got the e-mail I sent to Emma. I'm having some difficulty posting pics and even commenting on my own blog! Also, some people can't figure out how to post a comment to me. Maybe I'll enlist your help when I get there!