Saturday, October 24, 2009

Long Island

On Wednesday, Oct. 21 Al and I started out on a 6 month trip. We decided we would be brave and take our 38ft. Montana fifth-wheel over the Tapanazee Bridge and the Throgs Neck Bridge to visit his sister, Judy in Williston Park, NY. This is also the town he grew up in. Williston Park is located on the upper part of Long Island, close to NYC. It was fun driving around the area and seeing all the changes, since the last time we visited.

Thursday was Judy's birthday so we went out to dinner to celebrate with Judy, and her son, Jim and his wife Dianne and their charming teen-age son, Jimmy. It was loads of fun and we really enjoyed everyone's company. There was lots to talk about, so we were at the Restaurant for quite a while. The food was great! Italian of course!

We were really spoiled while visiting his sister. She made two of Al's favorite desserts, Chocolate Cream pie with real whipped cream on Thursday, and on Friday she made a Swedish Torte. The torte was a recipe that his Mom always made for him and was always a favorite.

Of course no trip to his hometown would be complete without a trip to his favorite deli, Rudi's. He has always enjoyed their rolls, their salads and roast beef. Of course, things change over the years, and it was not quite as good as it used to be. Well, one thing I can say for sure, we ate very well on this trip.

Since RV parks are not plentiful in that area, we found one in Old Bethpage, NY which is a little further out on the island. Old Bethpage is home to Bethpage Village Restoration, which is a unique little village set up with mid 19th century homes and businesses. It is set up much like a smaller version of Williamsburg, as it has characters wearing period costumes and playing the various roles they represent. We didn't get time to visit it yet, but it is on the agenda for the next time for sure.

We got a late start this morning. We were both feeling a little under the weather and very tired.
We had planned on stopping in Roanoke, Va for a short visit with my Aunt Teen and my cousins. We had planned to meet them all for lunch on Sunday, but we knew we weren't going to make it that far, by Sunday. We decided we would like to go another time when we will have more time to spend with them. We always seem to have much to talk about, since we don't see them often.

We are staying in Falling Water, WV tonight and aren't sure if we will be here for one night or two. I'm doing my second load of laundry in my little combination washer/dryer. We had a nice dinner and hope to hit the bed early.

We are trying to get used to a slower pace. We are not in vacation-mode anymore. We are learning that we can take our time, and go at our own pace. So, we will go where we go, and we know we don't necessarily have to be tourists all the time. We hope to just enjoy our great country and stop to smell the roses along the way.


  1. Great start Nita.. We are so glad you started this so we can follow your travels. Enjoy!


  2. Thanks Helen, You have been a great inspiration to me. You are a tough act to follow when it comes to blogging! We are also learning to take the roads less traveled like you and Bill!


  3. Thanks Nita,
    Your blog is going to be great. I'll be reading about your travels regularly.

  4. CONGRATS!!!! I'm in as a follower! I love that you have already slowed down! You go!! SLOW!!!

  5. What a great post and picture! We look forward to following along in your journeys through your blog.
    We love and miss you!
    Angie, Sam, Will & Katie