Monday, March 24, 2014

Navajo Guided Tour of Monument Valley, UT

Al and I took the great tour. What an experience! 3 1/2 hours long. We were with a Navajo tour guide, who told us stories and gave us the history of the area. He explained much of the culture and geography as well. It was a pretty rough ride through the area as much of the roads were not well kept. Many of the old westerns were filmed here. John Wayne films in particular, but others as well. Some of the films include: The Searchers, How the West was Won, The Legend of the Lone Ranger,  Back to the Future III, and Thelma and Louise.  You may recognize the backdrop.
We also enjoyed our stay at Gouldings. They not only have a beautiful RV Park, but also a Lodge. We were lucky to get there just before their rates went up.  A week later our rate would have almost doubled.  We were only there for three nights. Everyone who works and lives there are Navajo as far as we could tell. All very nice people. In talking to one lady, she told me they would have to drive for over 2 1/2 hours in any direction to find a Walmart or any large department stores. They do have a grocery store on the property. Not huge, but adequate.  The prices were a little high, but not too bad. You can buy almost anything you need.  Also they have a very nice restaurant there. We went out to eat there one night and enjoyed their Navajo Taco's.

View from our Campsite
This is Don our Navajo Guide 

Merrick Butte 
                             This is called a Hogan. This one is not occupied. However people
                             do live in them and several are located throughout the reservation

                   Inside the Hogan. you can see how it is constructed. In the center is heater.
                                stays very cool in summer and very warm in winter.

                                                 This is called The Three Sisters. 
                        No this isn't Al on the horse. This Navajo is just posing for pictures  

The tall one is called Totem Pole
I believe this one is called Rooster

What Al won't do to get a good picture

Not bad and I'm glad he took it and not me!

                                                          Petroglyphs from 1300 A.D

Just the right time of day and the sun was hitting the sandstones perfectly.

This is called Left Mitten

                                     A duplicate of Left Mitten, but I liked the setting
                                             with the other sandstones around it.

                                                  Right Mitten and Merrick Butte

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