Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Visit to Salvation Mountain

On our last blog I wrote about Slab City, and one of our other stops was Salvation Mountain. I had heard a lot about this and had seen pictures, but being there in person was so different. I must say it was a most humbling experience. Leonard Knight created and designed this masterpiece. It is his work of love and his testimony of God's love that he wanted to share with everyone. People come from all over this country and even other countries to visit this place. It is located right next to Slab City.  There are no utilities here either, and he lived here for 28 years working on this in the hot desert sun. A few years ago, Leonard moved to an assisted living facility due to multiple health issues. He was in his early 80's. I just learned also that sadly, Leonard passed away about 10 days ago.  If you Google Salvation Mountain you can learn a great deal about Salvation Mountain and Leonard Knight. In fact there is even a movie in the works about him. In his years at Salvation Mountain, he testified about his faith to over 500,000 people who visited there.  He was a very friendly person, and he was always willing to talk to anyone who would listen. People really loved him.



                                  Even inside the mountain is painted, and you can go inside.

                                Everything that could be painted was painted with bible verses.

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