Friday, December 4, 2009

WHAT I WOKE UP TO.........SNOW!!!!!

After a week of hearing we may get snow, I woke up this morning and looked out the window and lo and behold, a white blanket of that white stuff covered the ground! It was nasty and raw out there, as the wind was blowing and snow was coming down. Not the kind of snow you want on Christmas, but a nasty raw type of snow that is not at all pleasant to be out in! Actually it's good in one respect because I will get to experience all the seasons this way. I have always said that's what I like about the Northeast........the change of seasons. At least here, winter is a very short season.
Last night I went to the Nutcracker dress rehersal! Since you can't take pictures at the actual performance, I thought maybe I would be able to get some pictures at the dress rehearsal as they allow you to take pics, but you can't use a flash. It was almost impossible to get any good pics as even though the stage was lighted, most of the pics are a bit blurry. Also, hard to tell who is who. When these beautiful young ladies came out on the stage, I didn't realize at first that this was Emma's group, but finally spotted her in the back row. The scene was called snow. It is pictured above. Very graceful, and she looked beautiful. I am unable to tell you from the pic which one is her. This is her first time on stage doing Pointe. Ellie was a mouse, and the stage was fairly dark, so I was unable to get a picture. It was very cute though. Erik played a party boy in the opening scene and was up there for quite a while. I was able to get a few pics of him on the stage. It appears he is quite a good little actor! Anyway, I guess I need a better camera, or a lesson or two in photography! I didn't stay for the whole thing as I'm going back tonight with Al for the opening night performance. It will be more enjoyable not having the camera with me.

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  1. Wonderful! Snow AND the Nutcracker! Perfect.