Saturday, December 26, 2009

Together for Christmas

Here's Will and his little sister, Katie

Katie asked Santa for this!

Will, Erik, Ellie, Katie, Emma

Katie, Will and Everson

Ellie telling the story

For the first time in 5 years, my two children and their families were able to get together for Christmas here in Texas. Sam and Angie with their two children, Will and Katie arrived here last Tuesday. So, needless to say, I have been very busy with them as well as my Texas family. Seven grandchildren in all, under one roof, along with 4 adults. Things have been going very well, and the kids are really enjoying each other tremendously.

Christmas Eve we had a nice dinner, and my daughter-in-laws family as well as some close friends came over. We had a great time! We had a Mexican and Italian combination of foods! It was very interesting. We had a wonderful evening of visiting, eating, and exchanging some gifts. The best part of the evening was the skit the kids put on about the birth of Christ. Ellie did a terrific job as an angel telling the story, in her own Ellie way, while the other kids acted out their parts! I was able to capture a picture of her above. All the other 6 grandchildren had parts including little Elisha who was a shepherd. Of course, he had his own spin on it as well.

This was Sam and his family's first visit to Texas. They felt it was about time we all could be together for this holiday. It has been very hard for them to travel long distances because of Will's health. We are happily looking forward to Will being off all treatment for Leukemia on February 8th.

Unfortunately, their trip down here was not without a lot of stress. First there was the big snowstorm that hit the east coast, and they were in the thick of it. Also, during the trip down here, Will developed a fever. This can be very serious because with his counts being low, due to the Chemo, he is susceptible to getting an infection. As soon as his fever reaches 101 +, he must be taken to a hospital. Luckily they were passing through a major area in Mississippi with a Children's Hospital where there were Oncology doctors on hand. Upon examination, they discovered he had an ear infection and treated him with antibiotics and wrote him a prescription for more antibiotics and sent them on their way. By the time they arrived here, he seemed fine and has been having a great time playing with his cousin, Everson who is just a few months older.

The weather was great for the first 2 days they were here, in the 70's. Christmas Eve day brought some snow flurries and cold windy weather. Yesterday and today it's been in the 50's and sunny, so that's good enough for us New Yorkers!


  1. What a WONDERFUL holiday for you all! I so enjoyed reading this post! Happy holidays and happy new year!

  2. Love you! It was indeed a holiday to remember!